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  • Malkuth is one of the Sefirot that works for the Facility in the upper layer, Asiyah, and is the head of the Control Team. The player meets her on Day 1, after Angela 's introduction. Her hair is cut short and is colored brown and yellow, with a red hairband.
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  • 인디 게임 Lobotomy Corporation과 후속작 Library of Ruina의 등장인물. 보라색 머리에 노란 눈을 가진 남성. 표정 변화가 적고 팔짱을 끼고있는 부분에서 알 수 있듯 엄격하고 냉정한 성격. 상징색은 보라색. 키가 작은 편이다 [1]
  • Welcome to Facility X-394! Here, we are a community centered around the Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina franchises! - Active staff team - Progressing lore - Duties - Ability to play as abnormalities - RP roles - Spoiler free - Many opportunities - And more! With all this in mind, why not join the server, and have a blast!
  • Geburah second phase — Lobotomy Corporation OST. 4:09. Malkuth Second Phase — Lobotomy Corporation OST. 3:24. "Красные глаза, острые когти..."
  • Jun 22, 2020 · Includes all character from Lobotomy Corporation story: Angela Malkuth Yesod Hod Netzach Tiphereth A Tiphereth B Gebura Chesed Binah Hokma Myo Elijah Gabriel Michelle Giovanni Lisa Enoch Kali Daniel Garion Benjamin Abel Abraham Adam Ayin Carmen
  • Alkaloid — The Malkuth Grimoire. Демо-трек.
  • heavy metal / hard rockの商品を買う ★ブログ掲載商品、在庫があるものは通信販売も受付けております。 ※お問い合わせいただいた時点で、販売済みとなります際はご容赦くださいませ。
  • Паблик по корейской игре "Lobotomy Corporation" от компании Project Moon, а также по её сиквелу "Library of Ruina". Здесь публикуются новости от разработчиков об игре и различное фанатское творчество по ней.
  • Malkuth slices a bullet at point-blank range before it can hit her. I'm calcing the sword's speed, but others can react to this sword swing so it scales to combat speed and the likes. The blue distance is the maximum distance the bullet could have traveled and the red distance is half the distance traveled by the sword, since the rest of the ...
  • Welcome to Lobotomy Corporation (Malereader x Yandere FemSephirah&Abnormalities) General Fiction. Y/N is a new employee working for Lobotomy corporation, proud of being part of the people ready to change the world... but not ready for what will happen to him.
  • 현재 갤럼들이 많이 찾는 시체들의 산 같은 경우에는 -2임같은 2단계 환상체 카드가 총 4장인데, 사냥감이 +1, 붉은 흉터 -0, 웃음 소리 -1, 시체들의 산 -23레벨에서 바로 시체들의 산을 뽑고싶다면 낙인을 써
  • こちらはLobotomy Corporationの非公式攻略wikiです。 まだ情報が整っていないため、編集は制限させていただいています。
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  • View Lobotomy Inn's TFT overview statistics and how they perform.
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How to change thumbnail of videoBio: (Anyone can make one for this monster but soon I'll make an official.) Creator: Meme Factory Song . Makes the sound of a synth by tapping the floating orbs in front of it with its tongues.
Bio: "Though unpleasant to look at, the Beauteast is a timid, self-loathing monster who hates itself for its ugly looks. It tries to grow flowers to ease its mind, but its feelings eventually come back after a while. What a poor, defenseless creature." Creator: Meme Factory
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  • 효율적인것은 직원들을 (1팀, 2팀 모두) 기본시작장소인 해당 팀의 위층이 아닌 아래층에 배치해두는 것. 양쪽 격리실 모두를 직통으로 갈 수 있기 때문에 다른 팀에서 직원을 끌고와야 할 필요성이 훨씬 적어진다.중앙본부의 근속 효과는 능력치를 소소하게 올려주는 정도이기 때문에 큰 의미가 ... Lobotomy corporation road to 50. Lobotomy Corporation | Meet the ALEPHs MoSB AiB Nothing There. GuardianZET.
  • こちらはLobotomy Corporationの非公式攻略wikiです。 まだ情報が整っていないため、編集は制限させていただいています。
  • Lobotomy Corporation. Profile. 8History. View all by 2129117114 · Faction, Other items. Explore more items. Lobotomy Corporation.

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Lobotomy Corporation (Video Game) Characters: Malkuth (Lobotomy Corporation) Hod (Lobotomy Corporation) Additional Tags: Implied/Referenced Drug Use; Language: English Stats: Published: 2018-01-19 Words: 756 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 24 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 455
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Oh man, looks like Makoto's harem is gonna sneak into Lobotomy corp. I just realized that Sayaka meeting the Silent Orchestra would be amazing.Aug 08, 2019 · LobotomyCorporation, Malkuth, Yesod, Netzach are the most prominent tags for this work posted on August 9th, 2019.
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Netzach/Yesod (Lobotomy Corporation) (10) Angela/Binah (Lobotomy Corporation) (7) Original Character(s)/Original Character(s) (4) Big and Will Be Bad Wolf/Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary (Lobotomy Corporation) (4) No Romantic Relationship(s) (3) Hod/Malkuth (Lobotomy Corporation) (3) Garion/Michelle (Lobotomy Corporation) (3)
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English Ver. A story at the O-5681 branch of the Lobotomy Corporation.
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Yandere Malkuth. Requested: uh. Does irl friend count? I guess so. TW: yandere theme, creepy behaiving, kidnaping. Hope you enjoy! •OMIGASH!!!! •you are the cutest employee she’s ever got! •and wow. You are hardworking. Its definatly a huge “+” for her •….but you spend more time with either Abnormalities or other employees…
  • Into Lobotomy Corporation /RUS/? Join the community.
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  • Lobotomy Corporation (2018) PC | RePack от Other s.
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  • When dealing with Malkuth core supress, you hopefully have nothign that sets off trumpets when it escapes, and since you'll fight a lot anyway (ordeals) dealing with a few escaped Teths and Hes should be as feasible. The only thign that hurts about them escaping is a minor PE Loss. If meltdowns happen to land on tool-types, even better.
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  • 培训部Hod>控制部Malkuth>安保部Netzach≈情报部Yesod 【培训部Hod】 Hod的抑制核心会降低你所有员工所有属性的数值和等级。并会随着逆流等级加强降低值。 在逆流等级为1时,所有员工属性减少15; 在逆流等级为2时,所有员工属性减少25,并且切换到精细度一般的滤镜; ФИНАЛ • Lobotomy Corporation • 10. WarlockTD 30-06-2019. Игра, с которой ВСЁ началось • Lobotomy Corporation • 1.
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  • ФИНАЛ • Lobotomy Corporation • 10. WarlockTD 30-06-2019. Игра, с которой ВСЁ началось • Lobotomy Corporation • 1.
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